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Saucey’s Adventure is about a young unicorn, who does not know he lives in an enchanted forest. Saucey knows nothing about the outside world, and he soon finds himself there.

A tornado goes through the enchanted forest and causes all of the unicorns to run in fear, in different directions. He is trying to find his way back to the forest and his family and friends.

He soon realizes this world is nothing like his home. He is in the Land of the Unknown. How far away is he from home? He meets a squirrel in the tree, a duck swimming on the pond, a rabbit in the meadow, and a graceful deer. Will these animals become his friend? He also finds himself in a sticker bush. He never gives up regardless of the difficulties he goes through. He meets a horse in a paddock and wonders if he will ever find his way home.

The books is filled with real pictures of beautiful skyline scenes, flowers, and insects. The insects are seek and find on every illustration page. As you read the story, you will be looking for the insects in the pictures.

So enjoy the adventure as he makes new friends on his way home.

Children's Toys

Barbie's Clothes

Barbie's Purses and Computer/Brief Cases

Cabbage Patch Doll 

Crocheted Bassinet Purse

Crocheted Dolls

Doll Afghans and Blankets

Kelly Dolls

Ken and Barbie Hats

Ken's Clothes

Tie Bears

What Happened to Kitty Carrie?

Wooden Cars and Trucks

Yarn Hair Dolls


Copperwire Button Pins

Copperwire Butterfly Pin

Copperwire Angel Pearl Pin Trimmed in Silver

Sewings Projects

7-Panel Apron

Autism Pillow

Cell Phone Carrier Purse

Designer Purse

Full Apron

Half Apron

Half Purse

Pot Pincher/Grabbitz

Purse with Matching Zipper Purse

Sewing Buttons

Stroller/Walker/Wheel Chair Carrier

Crochet Project

Baby Afghans

Porcelain Dolls Repurposed

Toilet Paper Cover

Key Hole Scarf

Hair Accessories

Copperwire Button Headband

Copperwire Button Barrettes

Copperwire Butterfly Barrette

Copperwire Autism Awareness Puzzle Button Barrette

Copperwire Autism Awareness Ribbon Button Barrette


Copperwire Birthstone Angel

Etched Glass Ornaments

Christmas Tea Light Ornaments

Wreath Tea Light Ornament

Christmas Bulb Ornaments

Bead Tea Light Ornaments

Snowflake Tea Light Ornament

Poinsetta Tea Light

Fall Ribbon Angel Ornament

Thanksgiving Ribbon Angel Ornament

Valentines Day Ribbon Angel Ornament

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Angel Ornament

Easter Ribbon Angel Ornament

Red Hat Society Ribbon Angel Ornament

Summer Ribbon Angel Ornament

Christmas Ribbon Angel Ornament

4th of July Ribbon Angel Ornament


Pod Container Decorations

Etched Mirrors

Etched Glass in Frames

Salt Dough Pictures

Copperwire Art & Bookmarks

Copperwire Art

Copperwire Bookmark

Parrot Toys

Conure/Parrot Foot Toy

Conure/Parrot Exercise Ball

Conure/Parrot Exercise Perch

Conure/Parrot Perch

Conure/Parrot Snuggle Ring

Conure/Parrot Exercise Pull Ball

Conure/Parrot Activity Perch

Mouse Pads

Mouse Pad

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